How to Become a Game Developer

 Today, I accomplished the fifth milestone in my process to become a real game developer and game architecture specialist. For the occasion, I just wanted to share my journey of becoming better at my career in each destination.

 Firstly, I wanna tell about how I started. I started by editing games. How did it start? Exactly like this, I was playing games in my childhood but It wasn’t enough just to play something that is given to me. I just wanted to add things; my own things, my own codes, my own images. In that time, when I was just 12 years old, I decided to be a game developer. I am trying hard since that day to achieve my goals. After a time, I achieved to finish game projects and publish them. They weren’t successful games since I had lack of experience. I went to technical school then I went to Boğaziçi University but I never stopped doing what I want which no one could teach me in school. So I stopped going to University and started work in game development companies. After the time of working in several companies, I found a job in Vertigo. I wasn’t a successful game developer since I was just a newbie but I got the job. My real journey of improving myself and being a real game developer actually started in this company because of the responsibility which had got bigger and bigger every day and it is still getting bigger. With this responsibility, I have improved myself and still improving myself.

 Secondly, Let’s see what I did in my continuing journey of being a real game developer and game architecture specialist in Vertigo games and in my team. The first one was creating the architecture of Playfab integration to our game Critical Strike. The second one was harder because it was my first Artificial Intelligence experience that I was creating for a product which has access to millions of people. I did it and we are currently using it for our game. The third one was about matchmaking: I created our matchmaking system – including finding matches and calculating players skill points – which allows us to match the players according to their skill levels. The fourth one was friendship matchmaking system that enables players to enter matches with their friends.The fifth one that I finished today was making the AI enabled for the COOP, which means that more than one player could play with AI in the same room. It was the biggest achievement that I acquired with the experiences I harvested in my entire life. I am sure that there will be more achievements bigger than this if only I continue improving myself.

 I am almost 22 years old and I believe that I am still young to learn many more things. I am so happy that I can improve myself, and seeing the progress in the mirror makes me even happier. It has been almost 2 years with Vertigo Games and I am so glad that we are a team. The more days that pass, one should always improve her/his skills.

 As a final sentence to my little sharing and excitement about the COOP system, I hope everybody can achieve their goals.